Our Ethos & Environmental Policy

Pony Transport has responded to the environmental and financial changes by providing logistical support to the adapting needs of our clients. We are also extremely aware of our social and environmental responsibility. We implement our Environmental Management plan and ensure all our staff undergo OH&S and environmental training. Our drivers undergo annual driver training. Our Training is outsourced to independent accredited Service provider’s which ensure we have up to date training. Correct driving protocol in the delta, is undertaken in-house. We also work closely with government departments, ensuring all correct licences and permits are up to date, with all legal requirements covered.

Pony Transport also has employed the services of a Financial Advisor based in the UK and an Environmental Consultant based in Australia which ensures that our company is in line with International best practice standards.

At Pony Transport we take our commitment to the beautiful environment we work in very seriously, we follow a strict environmental policy as well as taking personal responsibility for our actions. Our drivers report all African wild dog sightings to the researchers working to conserve this endangered species. We endeavor to have minimal impact and maximum results.

In 2015, we were part of a project with Rhinos Without Borders which transported 100 rhinos from high-poaching areas in South Africa to the Okavango Delta in Botswana. The following is National Geographic footage of this mission.